Sunday, 14 November 2010

Once upon a time....

Once upon a time a young woman decided to start her own online book club. She made a post on her blog about it and hoped that she would find princesses and princes to join it...

I like many different types of books from fact and fiction. Fanatasy, Sci Fi. Romance,Comedy. The list goes on.

These are the books I have sat on my shelves waiting to be read.

A Year in High Heels
Sex and the City
The Host
Worst Date Ever
True Blood Boxed Set
Bunny Tales
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1
If you fancy joining me comment below, let me know what type of books you like and if you want our first read to be one of the books I have mentioned or something different !

Happy reading,stay pretty.


  1. Count me in Rachelle! I'm such a book worm. I've got The Host and Wicked that I'm still yet to read. Both I have started and got sidetracked from. The True Blood's I got last Christmas and was finished before mid January. But I'd love to read those all again!!

    Things I have in my pile to read are:

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    A Thousand Splendid Sun's
    Shantaram and loads, loads more! I can't part with books!

    I'll read whatever!! Looking forward to hearing what everyone else thinks.

  2. This is a good idea! I love reading, but at the moment there's nothing unread on my shelf that is catching my eye at all, so some new books are required!

    I've read Sex and the City, but probably about 10 years ago. I've also read Leanne's suggestion of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - and the next two books in quick succession as it was so good!

    I'm planning to get the True Blood box set as the Book People have it on offer at the moment of 10 books for £10!

    I usually read crime fiction or chick lit, although I do also read other stuff as well. My favourite books are Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides (he also wrote the Virgin Suicides) and The Time Travellers Wife.

    I'm definitely open to any suggestions, so count me in!


  3. Yaaay!

    I don't have ANYTHING in my to-read pile at the moment apart from a couple of Martina Cole ones. My favourite books are crime fiction, although Leanne OCD got me to read Her Fearful Symmetry recently and I absolutely loved it so anything in a similar vein to that would be of great interest to me. I'm not into vampire-y stuff, but whenever the club decides on a book that I think I'd enjoy I'll happily join in if I can grab it for a few quid on Amazon!



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