Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Closet Makeover

I moved house earlier in the year and my accessorises,cosmetics and shoes have been in chaos.

The end goal is to have a wardrobe like Carrie's.

In the meantime I need some new storage. As far as my cosmetics goes I think I will invest in some drawers from Muji.

Some of my shoes are spread between 2 wooden ikea shoe racks ( I think the boy may get the old shoe racks) but the rest are still packed in their boxes in a big plastic box, with nowhere to go. In the old place I had a shoe cupboard.

Can anyone recommend any good shoe storage solutions for 70+ pairs of shoes ?

I also need some decent storage for my handbags and other accessories.

Happy reading, stay pretty x


  1. Hey there! I arrived at your blog via your Little Mermaid thumbnail on Google Friend Connect - I'm obsessed with Ariel too!
    My shoes storage drove me nuts until I came across this massive bag-thing which hangs off your door - it's not the neatest looking thing but does store a tonne of shoes and they're all easy to grab. I used to store them in the bottom of my wardrobe before and couldn't find what I was looking for half the time!

    Here's the link for it:

  2. @Kat O Hi That's sweet, well I am glad Ariel helped you find my blog! Welcome.I am a big fan of Ariel and disney.
    Thank you for your suggestion I will take a look at it on the website.


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