Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My Venomous Villains

If you didn't already know, I am a huge disney fan and I have become a recent mac fan. When I heard they had made a collection devoted to disney and it's villains I was so thrilled and knew I would be purchasing some of the collection.

The Packaging

The Goodies

Heartless lipstick and Innocence Beware Lipstick.

L-R Bite Of An Apple Blush, Oh So Fair Beauty Powder and My Dark Magic Mineralized Eyeshadow.

First set of swatches

Top - Bottom Hot House Lipglass, Innocence Beware and Heartless.

I love the packaging I know it's not to everyones taste.My favourite products are the eyeshadow,lipglass and beauty powder.My regret is that I could get the Briar Rose beauty powder.


  1. You got a pretty good haul there! I love the look of Bite Of An Apple, the Oh So Fair Beauty Powder and the Dark Magic Mineralized Eyeshadow. I went past the Mac counter in Debenhams last week and almost everything was sold out!

  2. I too went crazy buying their stuff.. I loved the mineralized eyeshadows.


  3. @TheBristolBeautyBlog Thanks they were belated b'day pressies from the boy. I can so believe that!

    @*MissK* Thank you for the follow :). What did you get from the collection ?

  4. WOW. great haul. Following you now. :)

    Hope you drop by and visit my blog too



  5. @Sara.H Thank you and thank you for your follow. I will drop by soon ! X


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