Tuesday, 12 May 2015


I'm back to writing (and possible a new blog name?)  and thought I'd let you know.... I'm on

I think I'm following some of my fellow bloggers and readers already! :)  If I'm missing anyone drop your instagram details in the comments below.

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013


1st It's not every morning you have Jason from Friday 13th,waiting for you at your door!  

3rd Wales an unlikely location for a Sci-Fi Weekender but somehow it works.

9th No.24 The Birds

23rd Going on your first date in a decade is a little scary!!

28th A visit from the wife.I never know what will happen,when we are together.

30th Delayed and broken down trains,don't ruin the day when shared with good company.

31st I like the new Oz but it will never replace the Wizard of Oz.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


1st I didn't faint,giving blood is doing something amazing.

2nd No.8 Halloween.

3rd Dinosaur socks are cool and free teabags brighten up a Sunday shift.

6th Drinks with friends made a crappy day better.

8th The sign of a good day is retro chocolate,new shoes and Kate bush! ♥

9th There is something magical about watching old movies on the big screen. No.72 28 Days Later.

11th  Yay for post from Oz from the bestie ♥

12th Another book to film to read,Warm Bodies.

14th No.13 Night of the Living Dead and Moulin Rouge 

15th  Yay for unexpected valentine's day card from the wife ♥

16th ♥ Girls night in ♥  laughter is the best medicine.

23rd Sometimes something positive can come out of your pain,allowing you to help and support a friend.

26th Hard work does pay off. Friend date to the cinema,always a winner.

28th It's all about Road Trips,Sunderland,Manchester and Wales and new cosmetics! 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


1st I'm lucky to have two awesome film friends that will allow me to drag them to see films, that without me they just wouldn't see.

4th It's all about the bromance.Watching I love you, man and missing the bestie. 

5th Making the most of the last night of my Christmas lights, whilst going home for Christmas was lovely, missing family kinda sucks *le sigh*

6th Being scared and wincing at a film made my friends cinema trip more enjoyable, I'm so glad it served a purpose!

7th I now want a meerkat and my own tiger! -Damn you Life of Pi

8th Hell yes, the Goblin King is back! - New David Bowie album on the way

9th If I am patient, I sometimes get what I want....

10th Favourite quote today, No-one got a boyfriend, husband, and shag writing a book about how to do such a thing ha ha

11th No. 16 An American Werewolf in London, I prefer my werewolves to be... I'm going to kill you instead of  I'm going to cuddle you! 


14th On today's walk I just needed a cape and a wolf and then I was set to play red riding hood!

15th I opened my front door and stepped into Narnia! Should have worn waterproof mascara and taken someone with me - the impossible.

16th Totally didn't walk on the grass just to make fresh snow footprints!

18th For that you get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing. No.11 Jaws

 19th ♥ Happy 83rd Birthday Tippi ♥

My scarf keeps me warm and help's hide me from the gore,Django Unchained.

20th Holiday decided, Paris it is.

 21st, It's the small things that make just as much of a difference as the big.

25th No. 41 The Evil Dead, oddly watchable if not a tad annoying - that laugh. Confessionals are good for the mind and soul.

26th A message from an old friend brings with it the biggest smile. You can never tire of arnie action!

27th Woman alone cannot survive on bacon and beer.

29th Friend dates are the best kind :)

 30th A letter speak louder than any text message.

31st Having something nice to come home to,always feels good.

How was your January?

Happy reading,stay pretty

BehindTheShoes x 

January 2013

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Paris Is Always A Good Idea

I mentioned in my last post one of my goals for this year is to go to Paris with one of my best friends Harri  in a few months time. Neither of us has been to Paris before and we are both quite very very excited.

As neither of us have been before I wondered if any of my lovely readers could help with recommendations on places to visit hidden gems, beauty/fashion related places or general touristy places. I would also be interested in any recommendations on places to stay? Any recommendations would be great and much appreciated.

 We have a few things in mind......

Happy reading,stay pretty

BehindTheShoes x

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