Friday, 5 November 2010

Jewellery Feedback For Penny Masquerade

The lovely Sarah from Penny Masquerade is looking for our feedback.

I have a few of her pieces and always find her customer service excellent. I wanted to help obtain the market research that Sarah needs.

If you want to help please leave your feedback in the comments.

What colours do you like on your jewellery ?

Do you have a preference for the colour of metal ?

Many thanks

Happy reading,stay pretty.


  1. I like white gold and silver. I love the use of reds, pinks, midnight blues and peacock blues/greens & purples.

  2. I love and always tend to go to Silver jewelry.

    The colors i love are pinks a purples and greens..

  3. @*MissK* Thank you for your feedback :)


I do love reading your comments and really do appreciate the feedback.
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