Sunday, 17 October 2010

The winner is....

I had a crap friday but my day was made that evening, when I received not one but two blog awards from the lovely thebristolbeautyblog
I also won a super giveaway, which will get it's own post!

 I was awarded

Now I have received the Beautiful Blogger award,I'm supposed to tell you 7 secrets about me, and then pass this on to 10 other bloggers.

Here goes

1) Although I LOVE Mr Depp, I have some sort of bizarre crush on Jeremy Clarkson - I think it's down to the fact that he doesn't really care what people think. He just says what he thinks.

2) I got my first set of lego last christmas from a friend.

3) I feel a house is more of a home, when there are plenty of books in it, I would like my own library.

4) Some of my favourite scents are that new book smell, the smell you get when you have blown out a candle, that's been burning all night. Fresh bread baking.

5) I have shared drinks with two bizarre magazine   and playboy covermodels !

6) Two of my heros are Roald Dahl (his books got me not only to pick up books but to enjoy reading) and Ruth Handler ( Ruth is the woman behind barbie, showing the world that a woman can be beautiful, have a brain and be anything she puts her mind to Vet,lifeguard, pilot the list goes on ).

7) Despite having a love for shoes and heels that are 5-6inches, I have been lucky enough never to tumble and break any bones.... I hope this continues to be the case.

Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you for my awards.

Now it's my turn to give out some awards and I have decided to give all these lovely ladies the two awards. I most tell you it was very difficult to choose just 10 blogs.. but I some how managed it.

Well done ladies

Leanne & Nicola
Ms Wedgie

P.s All images were taken from google.


  1. Oooow I've just seen this now, thank you so much you have made my Sunday :D

  2. Aww thank you so much. You deserve these awards youre the most kind ans thoughtful blogger I've known x

  3. Thank you so much Rachelle. I hope you're looking forward to your giveaway prizes arriving! ;)
    Jane xx

  4. Thank you so much hun! Congrats on getting your awards and winning Jane's giveaway! All very much deserved! :)

  5. @Bicky, no problem sweetie x.

    @Real Girls Beauty That's nice to know, thank you. x

    @Lauren I don't know to say apart from thank you very much for your kind words.

    @ModestyBrown My pleasure Jane. I am indeed :) x

    @Ms. Wedgie Thank you very much, I was very happy girlie on friday night! X

  6. congrats on your award!

  7. ou, your blog is really interesting :D i like it !!

    if you want, follow me ! :** <3


  8. Awww, thanks so much! Thats really made me smile after a tough week:)

  9. Lovely post! :) xx


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