Sunday, 11 July 2010


I recently purchased Volcano Foot Mask & ScrubVolcano Foot Mask & Scrub from LUSH i finally got round to using it yesterday.

Lush say it is a "Deep cleansing,deodorising,skin-softening treatment for toes,soles and heels.With deep cleansing clays,lemon oil and enzyme-packed papaya,stimulating,antifungal,cinnamon and fresh tomatoes to stop stinkness".

Lush recommend you cover your feet in the Volcano mask, wrap them in plastic bags or film,leave on for 10 minutes then massage in to scrub away old skin and rinse off thoroughly.

Using the mask I found a little messy but that is only because I am a bit clumsy and needed more hands! As I ended up missing the film and leaving some of the scrub on the living room floor oops !

After one use, I found my soles to be a little softer and my feet felt refreshed, although I didn't quite get the walking on clouds experience that the LUSH sales assistant said she got.

I will be continuing to use this product and will be interested to see how soft my feet become.

Stay pretty, happy reading

Rachelle X


  1. I had the same experience, I didn't put enough film on and ended up leaving patches all over the place, haha. And, like you, I didn't think "wow" afterwards.


  2. @Hello Barbie
    I invested in a small pot and I am going to continue to use it and see how I get on. Although next time I will be putting a towel down and asking my boyfriend to wrap my feet up ! Xxx


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