Thursday, 10 November 2011

Autumn Winter At Temporary:Secretary

I wanted to share with you the latest additions to Temporary:Secretary  Autumn/Winter collection.

                                   Typewriter Ring £10

                                           Paper Aeroplane Wooden Brooch £10
My favourite pieces are: the classic pearl ring, the quirky typewriter ring in the letter R,and the wooden brooch. What do you think of the new pieces? What is your favourite?

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  1. My fave Temp Sec piece is the keep calm and carry on necklace, ONE day I'll own it!!

  2. @Terri It's another fave of mine, I have the pink and silver keep calm and carry on necklace. I get some many comments on it. You should invest in one!

  3. You should both look at - they sell Keep Calm necklaces for like a fiver - and just the same!

  4. I love temp secs blog and jewellery... The owl necklace is so cute!


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