Monday, 3 December 2012


This post is purely for your information,everyone is entitled to their opinions and clothes.I however happen to be on the side of the fury ones!

Coalition to Abolish the Fur trade otherwise known as CAFT, this year are holding the National Anti-Fur Demonstration  on Saturday 8th December. Meeting just inside the Grand Entrance to the Park. at 12 noon, Hyde Park Corner, London SW1X 8PQ. (Tube: Hyde Park Corner, Piccadilly Line)

This year's protests will be taken directly to the stores that are responsible for keeping this cruel and ugly trade going.

 For details on Saturday's demo you can contact : CAFT via email or call 07813445518,07899 775493.

For more details on CAFT please see below;

Address: CAFT, PO Box 38, Manchester, M60 1NX
Tel: 0845 330 7955

To receive news on CAFT you can join their mailing list just send subscribe to the above email address.

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