Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Paris Is Always A Good Idea

I mentioned in my last post one of my goals for this year is to go to Paris with one of my best friends Harri  in a few months time. Neither of us has been to Paris before and we are both quite very very excited.

As neither of us have been before I wondered if any of my lovely readers could help with recommendations on places to visit hidden gems, beauty/fashion related places or general touristy places. I would also be interested in any recommendations on places to stay? Any recommendations would be great and much appreciated.

 We have a few things in mind......

Happy reading,stay pretty

BehindTheShoes x

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  1. Paris is lovely, you will have a great time. I like the Notre dame area, great for night life. Also at diney Paris, I recommend to stay at the kyriad hotel... Sooo pretty. :)

  2. Alex,thanks for your recommendations :)


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