Thursday, 21 October 2010

Beauty Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge

As some of you already know from my previous posts. I am trying to lose weight. So when the opportunity came up for me to be part of the Beauty Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge, I had to join in. In the name of girl power,sisterhood and all that jazz!

The other lovely ladies on board are

The Bristol Beauty Blog
Fudge Smoothies
Who is She???
Real Girls Beauty
Stacey @ The HQ of Beauty
Leanne @ Obsessive Cosmetics Disorder
Gidders1 (via Twitter)
Sweet Like Jelly
Lucy Duckett

If you haven't checked out these ladies blogs, shame on...go now.
But before you do. The weekly results will posted over at The Bristol Beauty Blog.
I lost 1lb this week so not a bad start for week 1, I am hoping this will increase next week as I have been signed off work for the reminder of this week until 2/11 and it will allow me more time for exercise and no junk food. I have a desk job so I don't get to move around as much as i would like.

Enough from me.

Happy reading, stay pretty.


  1. Hey girlie, well done on the weight loss! I get weighed tonight at Slimming World, will let you know on Monday how i get on! Can't say I've been good, had burgers, Chinese and Chocolate this week!! x

  2. Not much exercise going on here, but I have been good food wise. I had the most boring salad ever today. Just some past its best lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and some rubbish ham. At least I can have something a bit nicer for tea! xx

  3. @Stacey Well fingers crossed. x

    @TheBristolBeautyBlog Well done you ! I am sure the boring salad will make a difference :) x


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