Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Bad Medicine

Well i went to see my doctor today due to my lack of sleep and the stress i am under, due mainly to situations which . He was as i expected completely and utterly useless. I appreciate not all doctors out there are ! However i seem to have a useless doc,which makes going to the doctors for a help an interesting task if nothing else..

I was told today that i couldn't possibly have any of the meds i wanted.. As i am too young.Which in itself is a joke,as many yrs prior to now i have been put on all sorts of meds.

Also what doesn't help my doctor's case, was when i asked for repeat meds he was asking what dosage i needed. So naturally i asked the question "Are they not listed in my notes?" To be told i only have the vague notes on the computer and we have none of your paper notes. Which is a great surprise considering i changed doctors over 3 years ago !

So in short i am left sleepless and zombie-like for ???

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